If don’t go to church – can I have a church wedding?

Yes you can. There are a few legal requirements for getting married in a church. You will always be welcome and you’ll have the chance to get to know the church before your wedding, in the same way you might visit your reception venue a few times beforehand too.

What if I am not christened, can I have a church wedding?

Yes you can. You’re not required to have been baptized at a christening to have a church wedding.

What if we have different faiths, can we still have a church wedding?

Having a different faith to your partner need not be a barrier to having a church wedding if you’d both like one. Crowe Hill Methodist Church is a Christian church and the vows and the Christian nature of the ceremony cannot be changed. However, if you have met the basic legal requirements, couples from different faith backgrounds can be married in church.

What if one or both of us isn’t religious or particularly sure about faith?

The minister understands that spiritual beliefs are complex and varied and welcomes questions about faith. Whether faith is a journey that has not yet begun for you, or whether you’re just unsure, it need not be a barrier to a church wedding if you want one. Regardless of what you believe, there are legal requirements regarding church weddings and the minister will be happy to discuss these with you. 

What if one or both of us is divorced, can we still have a church wedding?

The Methodist Church accepts that a divorced person may marry again in church.

What if one or both of us is Roman Catholic – can we still marry in a Methodist Church?

There is no problem with this from the Methodist Church’s point of view.

How much does a Church wedding cost?

Less than you think. The wedding in church is probably the cheapest part of most modern-day wedding celebrations! Contact the minister for an up-to-date list of fees for a wedding at Crowe Hill.

Are children welcome?

A number of couples who come to church for a wedding already have children. We are pleased to welcome families with children of all ages at Crowe Hill. As part of planning your ceremony the minister will want to ensure they really enjoy the day and can be as much a part of it as possible.

 Your children could be alongside the bride or groom, carry the rings, read from the Bible or say a prayer, receive a blessing with their parents, or help in traditional roles such as bridesmaid, usher or best man.

 The children of your guests may be involved in the ceremony too, if you’d like them to be.

 If your child has a particular role, such as being a bridesmaid,  page boy, ring-bearer or are doing a reading, it’s important they go to the wedding rehearsal, so they can feel reassured and confident about what they need to do on the day.

 It’s also a good idea to bring them to church beforehand, especially if they have never been before, so they can begin to find out more and be comfortable in the church environment.